1530 White Floor Return

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10x4 12x4 14x4       30x4
10x6 12x6 14x6     24x6 30x6
10x8 12x8 14x8 18x8   24x8 30x8
10x10 12x10 14x10     24x10 30x10
  12x12 14x12   20x12 24x12 30x12
    14x14   20x14 24x14 30x14

Heavy Duty Floor Return Grille Specifications:

  • Steel construction
  • Listed sizes are opening sizes
  • Excellent for floor furnace grille replacement
  • Heavy gauge lattice type design
  • Face bars interlock with crossbracing
  • Can be walked on and installed in hallways
  • White finish

1530 Spec Sheet

1530 Performance Data

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