7550R6W Perforated Return Lay-In

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Model # T-Bar Size Neck Connection
7550R6W 24x12 22x10
7550R6W 24x24 22x22
7500R6W06 24x24 6"
7500R6W08 24x24 8"
7500R6W10 24x24 10"
7500R6W12 24x24 12"
7500R6W14 24x24 14"
7500R6W16 24x24 16"

Perforated Return Lay-In Specifications:

  • Steel construction
  • 24x24 Drop ceiling application
  • 7550R6 Metal back w/square neck
  • 7500R6 Metal back w/round neck
  • Concealed hinges and latches
  • Equivalent to the Hart & Cooley PDR
  • Equivalent to the Titus PAR-3
  • White finish

7550R6 Spec Sheet

7550R6 Performance Data

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