24x8 4004PAL Spiral Diffuser

24x8 4004PAL Spiral Diffuser
Opening Size 24x8
Overall Size 27x9.25
Item: 4004PAL24X08
List Price $ 97.94 EA
Your Cost $ 78.44 EA

Spiral pipe diffuser for exposed spiral duct applications. Double deflection with individually adjustable vertical blades in front, horizontal blades in back. Integral gasket seals the grille tightly to the duct. Includes built-in air scoop extractor that allows for accurate balancing and air control. Aluminum construction, mill aluminum finish. Universal style allows this size to work on pipe from 14" to 36" in diameter.

Spiral Diffuser Specifications and Features:

  • Aluminum construction
  • Exposed spiral duct application
  • Vertical front blades, horizontal back blades
  • Each size works on a range of duct diameters
  • Integral gasket seals spiral diffuser tightly to duct
  • Includes built-in scoop extractor
  • Scoop allows for accurate balancing and air control
  • Mill Finish
  • Many sizes available upon request

4004P Spec Sheet

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