About Jedco

Huge Inventory, Well Trusted...

JEDCO Supply is an HVAC supply company owned and operated by Jack Alexander, Erik Olds & Drew Coffman (hence the JED in JEDCO). It is by design that our own names are reflected in the company name as we have always stood behind our work, our products and our services. We also believe that you should know exactly with whom you are dealing with when you put your trust (and your money) into any company or internet purchase.  When you deal with JEDCO you will not have to put your faith into an anonymous internet company that makes it difficult to contact them, has lengthy and vague policies, and does not communicate with you throughout the order process. We make customer service a priority and it is the foundation upon which our company is built.

We have accumulated over 150 years of combined industry experience among us, with 6 out of our 10 salesmen having over 20 years experience each. We grew what was initially a small supply house in Atlanta, GA into one of the largest distributors of registers and grilles in the country. This means that we have specialized knowledge that you will not find elsewhere. We will be able to assist you in ways that no other vendor can.  We have always told our customers that when it comes to a/c vents, don’t say that it can’t be found or it can’t be done until they call us first!  We have built relationships with more vendors in the industry so that we are able to assist on special orders and custom applications that others can’t.

JEDCO Supply is our realization of what is possible when you combine the largest selection of in stock inventory available anywhere, superior industry knowledge and contacts, and top tier customer service.

It is our pledge to you, our customer, to always act with integrity and to be accountable in all that we do both as individuals and as a company. We always seek to build long term relationships, and that philosophy is the basis for how we have chosen to run our company. We look forward to serving you.