What Can We Make?

Special order options:

Because of our experience and our access to more register manufacturers than any other wholesaler, we are the name to know when it comes to custom HVAC grilles, air vents, and AC return grilles.

Here is a quick summary of what we can do in the most popular styles and materials:

  • Standard steel residential registers and grilles:
    When it comes to these, there are not many options for you. In general, if it is made, we will have it in stock. Stamped steel vents are not able to be custom made so we are limited in what we can do. However, because we deal with multiple manufacturers and because we stock the non-standard sizes that the others won’t, you can be confident that if you don’t see it on our web site it is not available. Of course if you have an unusual size or application for which a standard steel vent is not made, there is still hope.
  • Extruded aluminum registers & grilles:
    These are considered to be suitable for either residential or light commercial applications. We have several models that are very commonly used for either wall, floor or ceiling applications. They are also available in return grilles, both filtered and non-filtered. While higher in price, these typically offer one or more of the following benefits: aluminum material that will not rust over time, greater adjustability of air flow direction, higher quality construction for a higher end or designer look, and the ability to order in exact fractional sizes. These also have what some would consider to be a more contemporary look that many prefer for todays home designs.
  • Wood:
    We have 3 categories of wood grilles, 2 of which can be made to order. The only one that is only available in the standard sizes listed is the WHPGF primed white return grille. These cannot be special ordered although we can get a very similar design in unfinished birch (not shown on web). The second series, the laser cut grilles, can be made in any exact size 48x48 overall or smaller, in any of the 20 patterns shown, and in either oak, maple or cherry veneer. We can also make them with any lip (flange) size, and with or without screw holes.  The remaining wood vents can be made to any size, in any wood.
  • Cast Iron, Brass and Plastic:
    Cast iron, brass and plastic are only available in the sizes shown in the standard style grilles.

Please feel free to contact us with any of your special order needs if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for on our website. We are the experts in custom size residential and commercial return air grilles, wall, ceiling or floor registers, and more. We will be happy to help you determine what your best option will be and to get you a quote.